Yes! And here’s why you want them to stay…

South Florida is home to beautiful weather, amazing attractions, Florida Kosher Villas and yes, millions of little lizards running around everywhere.

But hey, no need for panic.

These guys are part of the scenery and the sunny weather nature life around here, and if you let them, will be a memorable and enjoyable part of your Florida experience.


Here are a few common questions and answers frequently asked by our guests:

1) Are lizards pests?

Nope! No matter what part of Florida you’re in, you will see lizards.

While these may seem frightening to people not used to seeing these amazing critters at home, think of lizards as the squirrels of Florida.

Just like there are squirrels in the yards and trees back home, these guys live here and are part of the beautiful tropical scenery.


2) Will I see them?

Indoors, most likely not. Outside, most probably, yes.

Just take a look – these little guys love gardens, trees, plants and getting their sun tan on while laying on the sidewalks. Lizards love to bask (lay out in the sun) so this is why you will often see them in the direct sunlight.

On occasion, a lizard may find its way under an overhang, in a door frame, or even, (eek!) inside. Not to worry, though. That simply means they didn’t want to overheat, and are taking a break from the sun.


3) Should I pick them up?

Every kid (adults & pets too) loves to chase these little guys around. The odds of someone catching them are extremely slim. However, if you do catch one, be gentle. If you put them on in your hand, they like their back rubbed gently.


4) Will they bite me?

Not if you don’t bother them.

If you do pick up a lizard in a way it doesn’t like, there’s a good chance it will bite you, but don’t worry – it won’t hurt – it will feel more like a soft pinch.


5) Are they venomous? Should I see a doctor?

No, you will not need to go see a doctor if you are bitten by a lizard.

We recommend you wash your hands with soap and water and rub some alcohol on the area that is bitten if anything. They are not harmful to humans.


6) They’re cute! Can I keep one?

Once you’re done holding the lizard, put it back where you found it since its family is likely nearby and they are actually very helpful in making your visit more comfortable.


7) Comfortable? Helpful? What do you mean?

Lizards eat the insects that we don’t like! Spiders, mosquitoes, flies and more –  All the more reason for you to vacation in a Florida Kosher Villa.


8) Yikes! What is that large, scary-looking lizard I see?

You likely just saw an iguana. They won’t bother you at all, just keep a few steps back.

For a real treat, head out for a walk along the Snake Creek Canal – a great place near many of our villas – and see if you can spot the large iguanas that tend to congregate there – hint: check the trees.


9) Should I do anything about lizards I encounter?

When you see a lizard in Florida, just remember, they are just having fun and looking for the bugs we don’t like so don’t try to kill them, and you’ll have less bothersome insects around!

If one has made its way inside your villa, open a door or window, and gently prod it back outside using a broom or something similar.


Remember, he’s part of your Florida experience, so enjoy the visit!


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