Swan Lake, NY.


Swan Lake? What’s there?


A lot.


A whole lot.


Probably a lot more than you even thought to think about, actually.


But in its own, unassuming way, this pristine part of the Catskills retains much of the beauty of the old-world mountains, without the crowds and traffic you’d find in the more popularly known towns. And it is quiet. Much nicer and quieter than most of the known kosher Catskill regions.


Everyone’s been to (or at least heard of) Monticello, South Fallsburg, Liberty or Woodbourne. Sure they have lots to offer. But that brings crowds. And crowds bring traffic. And development. And traffic lights. And big box stores.


Before you know it, there’s a city there and it no longer retains the quiet country charm with sun-splashed meadows, views, solitude, starlit skies with the sound of crickets in the background quiet.


You can still have that in Swan Lake. Not surprisingly, many of the most popular camps also choose to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busier cities, and are located within a few minute car ride from this quaint, beautiful hamlet.


A short ride will bring you to Camps Bais Yakov, Munk, Pupa, Satmar, Machanaim, Camp Toras Chesed, Shoresh, Mogen Av, Gila Bnos, Aguda, Bnos Skver, Adas Bnos Vien, Romimu and more.


But don’t think you’re out in the boondocks either.


While being away from the main drag, you’ll still find so many great amenities with a small town feel. A shul with multiple minyanim a day, Tyberg’s grocery, a pizza shop, bakery, and takeout store all in the center of ‘town’. Minus all the parking hassles and honking horns.


There is so much to see and do in the area as well.


Staying local will bring you to some of the smaller family owned farms, farmstands and more. is proud to have two phenomenal, year-round kosher vacation rentals in Swan Lake, NY. These two properties can be rented on their own, or combined for large family sizes of up to 35, subject to availability.


Check out The Overlook Villa at Tranquility Pond – sleeps up to 16, with a private pond, spacious lawns, wrap-around porches, and a sunken, year-round hot-tub!


Check out the historical Mountain View Villa & Carriage House – sleeps up to 20, with spacious lawns, porches, and located across the street from all the towns amazing amenities – shul, mikvah, grocery, pizza shop, takeout and more!


Here’s a great list of fun activities, day trip ideas, and things to do in and around Greater Swan Lake:


Bethel Creamery, Swan Lake, NY

525 Happy Ave. Swan Lake, New York 12783   |   Phone: 845-583-6059   |


Owned by the Franklin family of Pelleh Poultry fame, has long been a roadside stop for many for decades. Best known for their milk, their grass fed, all natural Jersey cow dairy is a small boutique, old-world farm, where you can buy some of the best-tasting and freshest dairy products, yogurts, maple syrup and more.


Their farm stand is open daily in the summer months, and on Sundays, they have hayrides and farm tours as well, where you meet the farming family, their cows, and enjoy a tractor ride into their pastures. And (warning!) once you try their chocolate milk or spectacular Greek yogurt, it’s very hard to stop!


Rolling Stone Ranch, Bethel, NY

282 W. Shore Rd. Bethel, New York 12720   |   Phone: 845-583-1100   |


A rescue horse farm just down the road from Bethel Creamery, offering trail rides, horseback riding lessons and more.


Beaverwood Farm, Swan Lake, NY

12 Topaz Ln, Swan Lake, NY 12783  |  Phone: 845-295-0194  |


Some of the friendliest, nicest and knowledgeable goyim you’ll meet, and they can often open their farm and petting zoo for you and your family to enjoy. Call ahead, as they often are booked by camps as a traveling petting zoo. Inquire about curing thrush with goats milk directly from a goat’s teat – a well-known cure amongst many chassidim.


Water activities? Absolutely!  White Lake, Swinging Bridge Lake, Loch Sheldrake and the Neversink Reservoir among others, all offer boat rentals and rides not too far away. From the fast flying motorboats, to easy pedaling there’s a great option nearby.


Pro tip: Call first to ensure there’s availability and book by phone if you can ahead of time.


Motorboats, Tubing, Banana Boating, Pontoons

Paynes Watersports: 1550 NY-17B, White Lake, NY 12786   |   Phone: (845) 583-1000

Gene’s Boats: 3429 State Rte 55, White Lake, NY 12786   |   Phone: (845) 583-9787

Starlight Marina: 26 Marina Rd, Monticello, NY 12701   |   Phone: (845) 796-2628

Swinging Bridge Marina: 371 Starlight Rd, Monticello, NY 12701   |   Phone: (845) 794-6530


Canoes, Kayaks, Pedal Boats, (Picnic Boats, Motor Rafts)

Bradley Boat Rentals: 220 Lindholm Rd, Hurleyville, NY 12747   |   Phone: (845) 807-1145

Boat Cafe: 1188 NY-52, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759   |   Phone: (845) 807-8006

Lake Superior State Park: 342 Duggan Rd, Bethel, NY 12720   |   Phone: 845-794-3000

However you choose to enjoy your trip to to the country, you’ll be sure to enjoy it to the fullest with a kosher upstate vacation rental from

Because when you want a real vacation – it’s not where everyone else is going. Leave your stress in the city, and enjoy a real kosher Catskills kosher vacation – where you can actually relax.