Coming iy”H 1st quarter 2023



Capital of Israel.

Ir Hakodesh.

City of Gold.

Whatever you call it, all Jews call it HOME.

From wherever they lived, our ancestors made the trip to the holy city three times each year, in a joyous pilgrimage to the world’s largest celebratory family reunion.
Music. Festivities. Flaming Torches. Celebrations.

We fervently await those days once again.
And until then, you now have the perfect kosher vacation rental to enjoy in Jerusalem, Israel, the amazing biblical city in which our ancestors walked.

Until now, Florida Kosher Villas, Lakewood Hosts, and Luxury Kosher Villas standards of excellence could only be had in the USA.
No longer! We are proud to announce our new property management and kosher vacation rental division in Eretz Yisrael.

It’s a perfect marriage of the best of the best, in the best of the best.
Looking forward to seeing you at HOME.