Can I Bring Air Mattresses Or Sleep Extra People On Couches Or Sleeping Bags?


Occupancy may not exceed what is posted for each villa or suite. Maximum occupancy includes children. Infants that can sleep in a Pack ‘n play crib or toddler bed (2 and under) may be excluded from the count, but you must let us know in advance.

State ordinances state that occupancy is limited to one person per bed, including children. You can find the maximum occupancy listed on the property page for each individual property.

House septic systems and amenities are designed for a specific amount of people. Overcrowding these systems will likely cause breakdowns and problems.

Many villas will have extra beds in the form of convertible couches, trundle/roll out beds, etc.

Read the full property description for detailed information on exactly how guests your property can accommodate with all the available beds, counting the extras.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.