Why spend Shavuos in South Florida?

for more reasons than you can imagine!

Shavuos in…. Florida? YES!

Well, the “countdown” is finished…
“What’s that?” you ask.  “Aren’t there a few more nights until we finish counting the Omer?”

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement, we want you to know that here at Florida Kosher Villas we thrive on “multi-tasking.”  And so, as the “Omer” calendar was approaching its conclusion for this year, we were simultaneously counting down the days until the “drawing” of the “Why Spend Shavuos in Florida?” contest was upon us.

We had a difficult time choosing a winner because we were flooded with responses – some were funny, others were poignant, some were personal, and there were some we didn’t quite “get”! But each entry was YOUR PERSONAL reason as to why you would want to spend Shavuos here with us in Florida and so in actuality, you chose yourself as a winner – and the next time you are in need of a vacation, you already have the perfect reason why you should choose to spend it in North Miami Beach, Florida, at one of our beautiful properties.  Yom Tov or year-round, the choice is easy!

And now, drumroll please…

So, we actually decided upon two submissions – one of a serious nature and the other that caused us to burst out loud with laughter! Each lucky winner is entitled to their $100 gift certificate to be used toward a stay at any of our North Miami Beach or Boca Raton properties any time beginning this evening…(Shavuos perhaps??)… and ending one year from today’s date.


Why spend Shavuos in Florida?????


Rivky says, “As gemara Baba Kamma states, ‘ain mayim ela torah’ – the scenery of the water will remind us that there is nothing for us besides for Torah.” – a beautiful and poignant entry and so important for us to remember each and every day.


Hadassa says, “Because we are afraid it’s gonna snow here again!!!” – from her reply we can tell she is from the Northeast – and a great postscript to her entry was the email we received the next morning from her informing us that she woke up to snow on her lawn, yet again!!!!


To all of our clients who submitted an entry and to those who were too busy with their Shavuos preparations to send one in, we hope you enjoyed our blog….. and we wish you a wonderful Yom Tov!


[Original contest]

We have a challenge for you and the winning response will earn a “special something”…

Here in South Florida, we feel that our neighborhood is worthy of guests all year long – but not everyone has caught on yet to the idea of spending Shavous in “vacation mode!”

We actually polled over two dozen individuals and asked them “Why spend Shavuos in South Florida?” and here are the top 10 responses we received:

If you come up with one that tops all the rest, you will have earned a $100 gift certificate that you can use* towards a vacation rental in any of our South Florida properties!

Here is the true list we received, without any editing – can you do any better?

  • Spending Shavuos in a hot climate reminds us of the desert surroundings we were in when we received the Torah.
  • The men of the family will get inspired by the drashos of the famous rabbanim we have in our midst here, both in North Miami Beach and Boca Raton.
  • People need a change of scenery from their “hometown” and can bond with just their children and married couples, without having all of their neighbors around to distract them from this special “family time.”
  • Shavuos in Florida will be unique because it will offer great weather with jacuzzis and private pools as opposed to weather that is an “unknown.”
  • Pesach was a very stressful and work-filled Yom Tov and this is a great chance to enjoy a holiday in a stress-free and aesthetically beautiful environment.
  • The ocean….the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, who needs another reason?!!!!
  • So you can spend a Yom Tov without having to deal with the pressure of having all of your married children come and take over your house!
  • Because it is the holiday of “Shavuot” and you can come spend a “shavua” here!
  • So you can fulfill the minhag of walking on the beach over Yom Tov (are we for real??? Yes, it must be someone’s custom because really truly, that was one of the responses we got!!)
  • And finally….why spend Shavuos in South Florida?? Because… we can.

There… you have it! Now gather up all of your creative juices and email us to destinationspecialist@floridakoshervillas.com (mark in subject title “Shavuos Contest”) with YOUR reason today!

Entries will be accepted up until midnight of May 16th and the winning entry will be posted online before Shavuos begins.

*Gift certificate must be used within one year of posting of this blog.

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