Chai Wok North Miami Beach Glatt Kosher Chinese Restaurant

APPETIZERS / SALADS BBQ Beef Sticks / Curry Triangles / Sweet Potato Tempura Oriental Chicken Salad / Teriyaki Salmon SaladCHEFS SPECIALS Crispy Beef- Well marinated crispy beef with chili peppers & chef’s special sauce Szechuan Chicken- Coated in sweet & spicy sauce, tossed with chili peppers on a bed of crunchy noodles Black Pepper Beef- Coated & fried, cooked in a black pepper sauce Sizzling Steak- Sliced steak sautéed in black pepper sauce with onions & bell peppers, served on a hot plate Fun Wun Gai- Chicken breast stuffed with pastrami, served over oriental vegetables in brown sauce Orange Beef- Deep fried with orange peels & chili peppers in a tangy sauceCHICKEN / BEEF / VEAL COMBO Broccoli- Marinated & stir fried in a thick brown sauce mixed with broccoli Curry- Bell peppers, onions & broccoli sautéed in the wok with rich, aromatic curry flavors Mongolian- Sautéed with scallions, onions, bell peppers & mushrooms in spicy sauce Moo Shu with pancakes- A Chinese classic, with hoisin sauce & thin pancakes Eggplant & Garlic- Zesty garlic & fresh eggplant, in a spicy, savory sauce Sesame Chicken- Deep fried chicken in a delectable citrus sweet house sauceAMERICAN MENU Schnitzel / Grilled Chicken Grilled Salmon / Ribeye SteakSUSHI MENU Scallop Special- Tempura Scallops with Spicy Mayo & Eel Sauce sprinkled with sesame on a bed of lettuce Tuna Pizza- Baked Tortilla topped with guacamole layered with fresh tuna & drizzled with special sauces Four Seasons Roll- Tuna, salmon, hamachi & cucumber with avocado & masago on top Palopo Roll- Fried fish with avocado, topped with dynamite sauce Miami Dream- Spicy tuna topped with avocado, crunchy onions, spicy mayo and Eel sauce

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