What are the benefits of reserving an LKV villa?

We are a frum, heimishe family owned and operated company that has been in the vacation rental business since 2009.

We are fluent in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, and therefore are able to assist you in the language of your choice. We also have staff members who speak Spanish, French & Hungarian.

When you try to rent from a company that isn’t specifically catering to the frum community it’s just never the same, and hassle and inconvenience are bound to show up to dampen your experience.

From a kitchen that you can’t use and a location far from shuls, eruv or kosher food, to automatic appliances, thermostats, and utilities that can easily cause chillul Shabbos.

The general vacation rental marketplace also will not have Shabbos and Havdalah items, kosher utensils and more. Yes you can rent from the general marketplace, but you will need to bring along many items and spend lots of time adressing the above issues among others.

Renting from us guarantees an experience that is custom built by frum people for frum people, giving you a luxurious and hassle-free experience.

Everything you need is provided, from a fully stocked kosher kitchen with separate milchig and fleishig appliances, cooking and serving ware, Shabbos & Yom Tov supplies package including leichter, tablecloths, Havdalah sets, kosher lamps in each bedroom and much more.