Why Luxury Kosher Villas? Can’t I Simply Book An Air B’n’B

Sure you can. But then you will likely find that there are major issues for kosher-conscious travelers.

Such as incompatible bed configurations for frum couples, offensive religious symbols, immodest artwork, problematic media, and proximity to shuls.

Privacy for swimming? Most likely not.

Further issues such a lack of an Eruv can cause familial issues over Shabbos, and that’s before bringing in today’s non-shabbos-friendly vacation rental technology.

Occupancy sensors, electronic door locks and cameras facing the pool or inside the home are just a few of the things you’re likely to come across.

Catering to the frum traveler is a finely nuanced business, and our specialty, honed from 13+ years of doing just that.

From kosher lamps in the bedrooms, to crock pots and ‘platte’s in the kitchen to mezuzahs on the doorposts and Shabbos locks on the doors, you’ll feel right at home, in a Luxury Kosher Villa.