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Do you own a second property out of state and want to generate some income during the time that it is empty?

The vacation rental industry is growing steadily and the trend is leaning heavily toward families choosing to vacation in private accommodations versus
a hotel room.  The demand for kosher vacation homes in Orthodox communities across the country is surpassing the supply and now is the time to capitalize on this trend by repurposing your second home into a vacation rental.  The months that you are not in residence can be used toward paying down your mortgage and bringing you income that you never thought possible.

Managing a second home can be challenging, especially if you live full time in another state and have no experience in the rental arena. Hiring an experienced property manager who knows the “ins and outs” of the rental business can provide you with the peace of mind to help you turn your empty home into a profitable entity.

Florida Kosher Villas LLC has been in the property management business for nearly a decade.  Currently managing villas and apartments mainly in the South Florida and Lakewood NJ areas, we specialize in quality care for each home and treat it as if it were our own.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Marketing and advertising – We advertise on your behalf in all of the leading newspapers and magazines that cater to Jewish clientele, as well as on Google, Yahoo, and all major portals.

Website exposure Our website, with its contents written by our team of professional writers and copy editors, is seen by over 10,000 viewers each month and each property that we manage and list gets full exposure, with a detailed description, photo album, and 360° online tour, which is available on YouTube as well.

Reservations and guest selection – Our team vets all inquiries to ensure that only Shomer Shabbos individuals are in your home.  We handle all aspects of the reservation process, including booking as well as rent collection.

Bookkeeping – Our legal and accounting staff handles all leases, utility bills and tax payments, insurance, licensing, and permits.

Maintenance – We handle all repairs, oversee upgrades as necessary, and arrange for turnover service in between guests, as well as hire lawn care, pest control, pool cleaner, and the like.  In addition, we provide 24 hour maintenance assistance to guests renting the property.

Design and construction – With our staff of interior design consultants, contractors, and landscape artists, we can oversee improvements in decor, purchase new furniture and linens, renovate the bathrooms and kitchen, and transform your second home into a highly desirable rental property, all on your behalf.


Why choose Florida Kosher Villas LLC for your management needs?

  1. We are a social media friendly company and connect with our clients worldwide.
  2. Our company manages more inventory than any other kosher vacation management company in each city in which we operate.
  3. Our staff is trained to provide friendly and professional service for both the homeowner as well as each guest who inquires about our properties.
  4. We offer a variety of options in terms of property management with reasonable fees.
  5. We service both single family homes as well as apartments.
  6. Our reputation is well known and our client base is unparalleled in size in the kosher vacation industry.
  7. We treat both the homes that we manage as our own and the clientele that we serve as our family.

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North Miami Beach Office (305) 650-8830

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Market leaders in luxury kosher vacation rentals, offering concierge management and vacation bookings since 2009

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