Boca Raton Vacation Guide

All the resources kosher vacationers need in North Miami Beach, Fl – in one place!

Find minyanim, kosher food, zmanim, things to do and attractions, local Eruv information, even the weather forecast(!) in this helpful vacation guide we’ve compiled for the NMB Area.

Courtesy of our Guest Experience Team, we’ve pooled the resources of strategic partners that each keep the most up-to-date information locally.

The information included is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. As always, please confirm minyanim times, minyan information, opening status, and of course, kashrus agency certificate before relying on these.  Inclusion in these lists does not constitute an endorsement by Luxury Kosher Villas.

If you notice any mistakes or discrepancies, please notify the respective partner (i.e., so they can correct it.

Attractions Nearby

What's the Weather Forecast?

Local Eruv Map

For any specific Eruv questions, call the number above to reach the Rav Hamachshir.