Who We Are

Hello, there! Welcome to Florida Kosher Villas, the premier kosher vacation home rental and management company.

We are in the business of offering not just best-in the-business management and booking services for all manner of beautiful properties, but also, even more importantly, a level of cooperation, services, and customer care that we believe is unparalleled in the real estate and travel industry.

With Hashem’s help a small venture that our CEOs Shaya and Shifra Weinberger began in 2009, with four vacation homes and reservations managed with a notebook, has grown into an enterprise of kosher vacation rentals in popular areas across the country, with multiple brands, including Luxury Kosher Villas, Florida Kosher Villas, Lakewood Hosts and more.

Our websites attract thousands of views every day, and our amassed database numbers around 15,000+ approved customers.

Together with our loyal staff of booking agents, property and guest managers, and a team of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers on call to handle any challenge that might arise during a guest’s stay, we offer the discerning kosher traveler a level of comfort and peace of mind they won’t find anywhere else.

Property owners know their investment is in good hands.

Our conscientious staff ensures that everything runs smoothly.

And our guests appreciate the peace of mind, knowing that their kosher vacation is being handled by the most professional, experienced team in the business.