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Inside Your Vacation Rental


Your choice. Surf the surf, surf the web or do both.

At Florida Kosher Villas, uninterrupted wireless internet service comes standard in all homes, available to you at no extra charge.

If you experience any issues connecting to the internet, please do not attempt to reset the router on your own.

Call or text, and Guest Services will send someone to assist you, or walk you through the necessary process to connect over the phone.

Every villa has central air conditioning.

The thermostat has been set at a comfortable temperature in anticipation of your arrival. Some villas have additional wall-mount air conditioners for use during very hot weather. Feel free to adjust either one for optimal comfort.

Lowering the temperature below 68 degrees will likely cause the unit to freeze and shut down. Repairs may take time, making your stay uncomfortable, so please be careful.

Keep all windows and doors to the outside closed at all times (especially pool entry doors) to allow optimal performance. No less importantly it will keep your villa bug-free.

When heading out, please raise the temperature to its original setting, and lower it to your comfort level upon your return.

Our homes and their kitchens have a chezkas kashrus, and we rely on your assistance in keeping them glatt kosher for the benefit of all of our guests.

By prior arrangement, for Pesach stays (or any time!), your kitchen can kashered L’mehadrin. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with the Mashgiach’s phone number.

All of our homes have hot water urns, many of our homes have coffee makers, and some include Keurig coffee machines. A complimentary starter set of coffee and/or K cups is included for your enjoyment.

Bring along or purchase an additional supply of your favorite brew or K-Cups for the duration of your stay.

Your vacation property is equipped with a suite of kitchen appliances.

Check the cabinets for extras such as sandwich makers, waffle-irons, blenders, and other small appliances. Each will be clearly labeled milchig, fleishig or pareve.

Operation manuals, when available, will be in be in a kitchen drawer.

Please consider the ovens fleishig unless otherwise labeled. To use it for milchig feel free to self-clean prior to use, but please let us know if you have done so, or self-clean the oven afterwards.

Microwaves are labeled.

Dishwashers will be marked either milchig or fleishig. If there is only one dishwasher, assume it has a fleishig status.

An electric hot plate is provided for Shabbos and we ask that you cover the base with silver foil (not provided) prior to placing food on it.

A fleishig crock pot can be found in a lower cabinet; please use a plastic liner (not provided) before placing food inside. There is a hot water urn for Shabbos and Yom Tov convenience. Please keep it unplugged and drained of water when finished using.

The refrigerator either has a ‘Sabbath Mode’ already pre-programmed, or the bulb has been removed so as to avoid melacha.

Each home is equipped with a ‘Sabbath Mode’ oven for Yom Tov use. If you are unfamiliar with how to set it, please look for a manual in one of the kitchen drawers. You will find a tea lights, matches, kiddush cup, challah board, knife and cover, and other shabbos seuda amenities as well as havdala supplies in the dining room. Many villas have a variety of serving dishes in the kitchen cabinets, too. All bedrooms have been furnished with Kosher Lamps for your comfort and convenience.

You will find the home is stocked with all the basics:

  • Ready-made beds with freshly laundered linens and at least 1 bath towel per guest
  • Kitchen stocked as listed in the amenity list on our website
  • The kitchen starter kit includes: hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, a roll of paper towels, and kitchen trash bags
  • Each bathroom is equipped with a starter kit which includes a hotel-style set of bath soap, shampoo, bodywash, and two rolls of toilet paper A starter set of laundry detergent
  • Shabbos package, including kiddush cup, challah knife, board and cover, tea lights, and havdalah necessities.
Should you have difficulty finding anything, please email info@floridakoshervillas.com for assistance. The starter kits provided are complimentary, and are meant to cover your needs before you get to the store to do your shopping. You may find supplies that have been left by other guests which you are welcome to use, but make sure to take a quick inventory before you shop to ensure you have everything you will need for your comfort and convenience for the duration of your stay.

Many of our villa showers have been outfitted with a luxurious jetted shower system for an enhanced experience.

While each system varies in terms of exact operation, feel free to experiment with the various buttons and knobs to turn the jets on or off or adjust their spray to your optimal level of enjoyment.

In addition, some systems allow for a simultaneous rain-shower experience while the jets are activated – try yours and see which settings you love.

If you prefer to simply enjoy a traditional shower without using the jetted systems, simply turn on the shower knob and do not activate any of the individual jets.

If your villa includes an indoor whirlpool bath/jacuzzi tub, feel free to use it at your leisure. There is nothing like a relaxing hot jetted bath to melt away stress.

Instructions for use: To make the most of the experience and to ensure that the whirlpool system functions properly, please be sure the water level is above the top of the jets PRIOR to turning on the whirlpool system.

Failure to do so may damage the unit and guest will be charged for any repair or replacement.

Please do not use oils in the jacuzzi as it will clog up the air jet system and the unit will malfunction. An oil-free bubble bath base is permitted.

Please drain the tub after your use and quickly rinse with shower water to remove any natural body oils, to avoid slipping in the tub.

If you don’t want to even think about laundry on your vacation, we get it! Skip this page, and come back to it only if the need arises.

Unless your vacation rental does not list it under the amenities tab on our website, your vacation rental has a washer/dryer and also an iron and ironing board. A starter set of detergent has been provided. for your first few loads.

Traditional Style Washer/Dryer Instructions: If the washing machine is top loading, the instructions are standard – simply place detergent and softener, if desired, into the barrel and proceed from there. Early model dryers are simply “load and start” with no special instructions needed.

Front Loading Washer Instructions: After loading clothes, pour ONLY ‘H.E.’ liquid detergent into the drawer located next to the washer door. Do not pour detergent directly into clothing barrel as it will damage the machine and a charge will be assessed for any necessary repairs. Load all clothes into the machine and close the door. Clothing cannot be added during the initial “water-fill” process. Press the POWER button to the left of the setting-dial, set the wash cycle dial then press the START button to the right of the dial to begin.

Newer Style Dryer Instructions: Load all clothes into the machine and close the door. Press the POWER button to the left of the setting-dial, (set any special settings such as “steam” or “fan-fresh”, if desired) then press the START button to begin.

Traditional Dryer Instructions: Simply set all dials to“NORMAL” setting and press the power and start button. Always reset the dials on both machines to “normal” upon completion of your laundry needs.