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The principal was aghast. Thank goodness, the entire elementary school and high school spanned one floor!
Imagine this chaos with stairs!

He stood by helplessly as the entire school, literally, panicked and fled the building into the adjoining lots.
Perhaps regular fire drills could have prevented such a scene, but now was no time for ponderance. There was pandemonium, and he alone was in charge.

Someone, somewhere in the huge one-floor building
had pulled the fire alarm.

And the girls were sure there was a fire, fleeing helter-skelter in all directions. My class too (all 7 of us) ran outside. After all, how would it look if we calmly sat inside, while the entire school disappeared? Besides, the whole point of this was to waste class time, so why stay in class as it unfolded?

One thing was for sure, we would never ever get in trouble. We’d convinced the sweetest, quietest, most innocent kid in our class – in the whole school, really – to pull the lever. No one, in their wildest dreams, would suspect her.

About thirty minutes later, all classes were safely indoors, learning once again, The principal must have visited every class before he got to us, but there he was, and we felt pretty sheepish.

Honestly, it was definitely NOT my idea. I was never a ringleader for stirring up trouble in class.

But I do recall getting swept up in the insanity of all, laughing and laughing at the results of our class’ reckless prank.

Somehow, the principal had been directed to the culprit, sitting uncomfortably, clearly regretful of her deed.

It wasn’t really her deed, though – it was ours. We’d persuaded her, and she simply wasn’t strong enough to push back.

But the fact was, she, The Nice, Quiet Kid had committed the act that turned the school literally upside-down for at least half an hour. It had frightened the younger students, and aggravated the teachers.

We waited with bated breath for the harsh consequence we all deserved.

The principal surveyed the classroom, gazing at each of us just long enough to make us wish we could turn back the clock to BEFORE.

And then he said the most unexpected sentence, while shaking his head back and forth in obvious dismay.

“You need help.”

We laughed about that seemingly lame censure for the rest of the year.

Decades later, I realize he might have been thinking two things: I can’t be upset at these kids; it was pretty ingenious! And, I’m way too exhausted to deal with explaining simple logic to teenagers. How could they think this was a good idea? A million and one catastrophes could have come out of the bedlam. The school year is almost over. And they’ll grow out of this immaturity. Whichever happens first. I’m tired.

Truthfully, he probably needed a vacation. Like, at Florida Kosher Villas or Lakewood Hosts, had they existed back then in the eighties.

But is a vacation always guaranteed to be a vacation?

My children and I once spent the first days of Pesach at a hotel program, where a group of waiters were fired without pay- I don’t remember why.

They sure had the last word, though!

Promptly at 3:00 am, the hotel’s fire alarms began blaring at a volume I didn’t know was attainable, non-stop, for a really long 15 or 20 minutes. At least that’s how I remember it.

And the clearest image of all: hundreds of elegant, well-dressed, aristocratic guests looking exactly the same as the rest of us plain-folk. Comfortable robes clutched tightly around pajama-clad beings, lenses replaced by glasses, no makeup, fuzzy slippers…wearing identical expressions of panic or confusion!

Needless to say, wide yawns were definitely trending the next morning.

Not to worry about a scenario like this, of course.

A villa becomes your home for the duration of your stay. No disgruntled workers, no strangers sharing your space!

Florida Kosher Villas and offer their guests a luxury home, all amenities provided.

So whether you are a tired principal who needs a rest, or an energetic family craving an adventure, this one phone call is all you need.

Oh, and a credit card.

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