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Do Me A Favor, Don’t Guess!

Do Me A Favor, Don’t Guess!

I have had someone estimate my age to be way older than I was, and someone else guess my weight to be thirty (yes thirty!) pounds more than I was. Did I ask them to guess?

Of course not.

These things happen the way you know someone is about to tumble down a flight of steps, and you watch mesmerized instead of trying to save their life, which would be so much more helpful. You see the thing about to happen, your mind freezes, and then it’s too late.

Now the great part about these two guessing episodes is that both happened so long ago, that my self-confidence was strong enough to take both guesstimates into stride, as funny stories.

If someone would guess now, and be that out of the ballpark, what would I do? Same thing I did then, laugh.

However, whatever I was wearing that day would probably be given away to the poor, and I might try to get more sleep that week. Oh and wonder if this is what a midlife crisis feels like.

I’m telling you, I have the personality of my old, slim self! Well, my young slim self. And I love to laugh and laugh, about innocent topics, with nice, funny people!

So I guess it’s frustrating to look like you’ve lost your youth, and be physically tired so often, when a young bubbly girl exists within you , just beneath the surface.

My question is why, oh why do people guess these personal things? Ask me if you want – okay, no, don’t ask me how much I weigh! You can ask me my age, I never, ever minded saying my age. Apparently many women mind, even those married with kids.

But do me a favor, please don’t guess any of the following:

  1. Weight
  2. Age
  3. How much money someone earns
  4. How much rent they pay monthly
  5. If the person exercises or not

Once upon a time, private was private. We can’t turn back time, but moving forward…before asking or guessing any of the above, reach for a jalapeno pepper, and chew slowly.

A little hot? It’s good for you, warms you up a little on a cold winter day. Not your cup of tea? How about a warm vacation in sunny Florida? Nowwwww we’re talking, right? You can put down the pepper now, and head over to where you will find a plethora of options to choose from. I will hold on, while you google “plethora”.

So…will it be the Brookside Villa, with its shimmering blue pool? The Jasmine Villa, an oasis of tranquility with its surreal scents and surrounding view? The Platinum Villa – sleek and modern, with the special warmth of home?

Take a look at what just a few of our super-satisfied guests have written us:

“Everything was amazing from the minute we came in until we left. Stunning neighborhood with shuls and food minutes away. We were there for the 2nd time in 2 years and both times Florida Kosher Villas did an amazing job. I would recommend it for anybody traveling solo or with family to check them out.” – Shimmy W., Detroit, Michigan

“We had a wonderful stay at the Adina Villa! The house was clean and neat and the pool was beautifully maintained. The Weinbergers were very helpful with whatever we needed. I highly recommend Florida Kosher Villas for an ideal vacation.” – Yanki and Shaindy L., Brooklyn, NY

“We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful cozy garden suite and wonderful accommodations. It is evident the amount of thought and time that went into every detail. Thanks so much for making our vacation complete. Hatzlacha for the future and we will be sure to recommend you to our family and friends. We wish we could keep your house our little secret and not tell anyone about it. However that would deprive others from enjoying. – Family Jacobs, Montreal, Quebec

Don’t worry about what others will think or say about your vacation! You work hard, you earned a little time off.

Your family will appreciate having relaxing time with their parents, and you’ll connect with your kids, without constant interruptions from outside obligations.

The only downside to renting a villa in a beautiful neighborhood, is having to get used to home again. But you’re adaptable – you’ll be okay.

If not, we’ll be happy to welcome you back, as soon as you can get away,

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